Clients & Testimonials

Big Vision – Big Potential

Big visions, unique ideas, and new approaches have the potential to change the world for the better.  But being the founder who has to take those big steps into the unknown, the responsibility falls to you to shine the light clearly into the future for others to take those steps with you

I’m passionate about working with these individuals; the future leaders that dream making a positive impact through their business – both for their customers and their team.

Working with passionate individuals, founders, directors, and leaders, I can help you go beyond your existing success.  By working with me, you’ll be able to more fully express with freedom and authenticity your vision through your communication and marketing message.

I can bring value to you by helping you see with clarity and confidence your unique message – and then supporting you in communicating those message in a way that creates engagement, motivation, responsibility, and action in others

If you are an individual with a big vision and who seeking opportunities for learning and growth, for yourself and others, then I would love support you in this important journey.


Marketing Service Providers

Do you also love helping founders and business owners to communicate and take action on their big ideas?

If you are a marketing, business or creative services provider who wants to do more to help your clients better express their vision, then I’d love to help.

I believe collaboration is a hugely power tool to allow us to all perform to our full strengths.

Therefore If you see value, for both you and them, in your clients being clearer and more confident in their vision and marketing message, then I’d love to discuss collaborating.


Client Testimonials

I am clearer about my strengths and feel less vague and daunted by the word ‘marketing.’  I found the group great fun and motivating, always left feeling very happy and energised.  

Liu has a wonderfully infectious energy about her – she oozes enthusiasm and integrity.  I found her course very valuable and great fun –  if there is such a thing as ‘holistic marketing’ – this is what Liu  is all about!’

M.D – Coach


I found the workshop beneficial and if so what did you get out of it? I found it very beneficial, although i did business at university and covered marketing i feel i got more from the workshop with Liu. The questions asked gave me a lot of information on myself and a lot to work with in terms of promoting myself.

Something i find difficult is ‘selling’ myself, however Liu’s workshop really aided me in gathering information about myself in an indirect way. It allowed me to realise there are no shoulds, and that everyone is different. When you feel like you should be doing everything everyone says you should be doing, it becomes overwhelming. From Liu, I now feel in a comfortable position to promote myself in a way that fits me.

There is no ‘textbook stuff’, you don’t come away with more information about marketing, you come away with beneficial information about yourself which you can use for marketing which is different from anything I’ve been to before.

I usually lack confidence in open discussion and speaking about myself however Liu made a very comfortable atmosphere in which everyone ‘came out of their shell’ and I think we all walked out with a clearer direction in which we could take to benefit our businesses.

G.R. – Personal Trainer


I found it beneficial, it made me think about my business in a way I hadn’t before and started gave me clarity on why I am in business… Going forward I think it will make me refine and hone what I want to do and really allow me to focus on what is important, what activity will align with my possibles.  I feel like [the group] started a journey though and it is definitely something I will revisit.

T.W – Website designer


I got a lot from the sessions.  I have a marketing background, but I think it’s always good to take a step back and look a bit deeper.  The course was more of a marketing therapy exercise, and by talking with others, brought about creative thinking on my part. 

The best elements were Liu’s leadership and the informality of the structure.

A.H. – Event website owner


[I found the workshop] very beneficial – cleared a lot of cobwebs away around my thinking and how I communicate my message! [I’d describe it to other as being] about finding out what keeps us doing our stuff day after day and translating this into a simple but passionate message that promotes our business. 

J.G – S.M.E. HR website owner


[I felt] it was very intimate session that is a self exploration in to your true aspirations in regards to your business. It’s a place of equality where you can share without a care and it really makes your head buzz. 

K.B. – Fashion brand owner