Using video, events and coaching to helping green tech entrepreneurs to educate and inspire their customers, stakeholders, and wider public, about what they do and why it matters.

With experience curating 4x TEDx events, 40+ TEDx talks, and 5million+ views on TED.com – founder Liu Batchelor’s expertise will help you communicate the solutions our planet so drastically needs. 


Communication coaching & consultancy

Presenting & video production

Events & community engagement

Adopting a scientific approach to communication, LVB Creative’s creative process supports eco founders to define and deliver with confidence what they do and why it matters, in a way which engages and educates their audience, while also being sustainable. 

With testing and learning at its core, LVB’s approach begins by helping green entrepreneurs find and fully express the passion and value behind their ideas, before exploring and experimenting with different messages, methods and mediums to most effectively and accessibly communicate this with the public. 


Speaker development and event curation

TV presenting expertise & content development 

Community engagement & campaign promotion

Bringing communication experience from a wide range of educational, media, and commercial projects – LVB Creative helps green tech founders express ideas and disseminate complex information into a accessible form for the general public and layman audiences. 

Specialising in the inception, development and launch of new projects with high uncertainty, LVB’s experience and support helps eco entrepreneurs rapidly drive forward the develop of their communication message and projects through real world feedback and engagement. 


With a background in design engineering, founder Liu Batchelor understood the challenge of expressing technical, original, and challenging ideas; inspiring her passion for the psychology and communication of innovation, and her career as a TV presenter, video producer, and TEDx coach.

However, during her TEDx work, she was shocked by the lack of environmental speakers and ideas coming forward, and the challenge of the industry to disseminating technical information and effectively engage audiences.

It was this which inspired her to dedicate her communication expertise to supporting green tech entrepreneurs gain the confidence and clarity to effectively communicate their important solutions. 


Ideas start to become reality when we share. 

Use the button below or email info(at)LVBcreative.com to share your vision around the below questions, and together we can use communication to express and bring them to life

  • What’s the positive change you want to make?
  • Why is it so important to you?
  • What’s the challenge or uncertainty stopping you?
  • How would you like LVB to help or support you in this?