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Helping SMEs create affordable social media videos

Does finding fresh and engaging content for your social media feel like a constant uphill struggle? 

Do you find yourself wondering: What should you say? How do you make it more visually engaging?  And how do you fit it in around my main day-to-day tasks?! 

If so, I can help.  I’m Liu Batchelor, and I provide affordable social media video and media coaching – to help you and your team deliver a sustainable social media video strategy. 

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Who can benefit

I work with SMEs, charities, and startups who want to manage their social media in-house, but who don’t have a full time marketing person or team, or who struggle to produce video content. 

Those who can particularly benefit from my services are those with an intangible product or service which they may struggle to explain or bring to life visually, or those where the customer’s experiences or engagement is key to what they offer. 

I am particularly passionate about working with businesses with environmental, social and educational values, stories and ideas which they want to share, but don’t know how to.

My services can be delivered both in-person or virtually 

The Process

1. Regular filming sessions and social media content

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2. Published and strategy continuously refined

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3. Media coaching for entrepreneurs and teams. 

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Previous Examples

Conference Vlog style clips
Community CSR – Social Media Awareness
Vox Pop event interviews
Halloween Social Media Promo

Why it works

1. Social media requires consistency, variety, and sincerity

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2. Video content doesn’t have to be expensive and time consuming

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3. Providing a trustworthy ‘face’ to engage audiences – without the fear of being on video

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Why choose LVB Creative?

As a content creator, presenter, and media coach with 12+ years experience – I can help you overcome the overwhelm of content creation and social media marketing, and replace it with confidence and clarity when sharing your business ideas and values. 

My speciality is in producing high volume video campaigns for social media – many of which lead to further media and press exposure.  Previous projects include ‘100 Sports in 100 Days’, 100+ interviews with SMEs, and a 10-part remotely filmed series during the pandemic

Previous social media clients include

Previous media coaching clients include

Ready to take the stress out of your social media content?

If so, I’d love to help you more effectively and consistently engage your audience.  

Please feel free to contact me using the email below, and we can discuss an affordable package of social video content, social media management, and media coaching. 

info (at) LVBcreative (dot) com

Also please feel free to connect with me via my social pages – where I regularly post new projects and media training tips