Property Showcase Tours

Build trust and bring a space to life – with a Property Showcase Tour video

Do you have a space you are looking to sell or promote – but you’re not sure how to bring it to life or showcase the features?

Do you want to inspire prospective customers to see and imagine themselves in this space?

Are you looking for dynamic ways to attract wider attention and online engagement for your property?

If so, my presented property showcase tours videos – encompassing dual camera walk-through tours, simultaneously showing the property and explaining it features – will bring your property to life, while also building trust and interest with your prospective customers.

Who can benefit

Designed for estate agents and property managers with either commercial and residential property portfolios they need to promote in an efficient way within a quick turnaround. 

Property Showcase Tour videos can be purchased as a one-off for a specific property, or bought in bulk for greater savings and for showcasing an ongoing turn around of multiple properties. 

How it works

1. Confirm property details and arrange access

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2. Dual-camera, presenter-led filming and dynamic editing

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3. Publish on website, on listings and social media

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Example Videos

Office Space Building Tour
Property & Surround Area Tour

Why it works

1. Help customers imagine themselves in the space, while also bringing to life its features

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2. Natural presenting style builds trust and authenticity with the viewer

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3. Dynamic, quick turnaround, and affordable – perfect for fast moving online markets

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Expert Experience

Property Showcase Tour videos are presented by myself, Liu Batchelor – a professional presenter who’s content has aired on channels including Sky, BBC and Amazon Prime Video.

Get in touch to showcase your property

If you’d like to arrange a property showcase video for a single or multiple properties, then please either use the email or form below

info (at) LVBcreative (dot) com

Also please feel free to connect with me via my social pages – where I regularly post new projects and media training tips