Product Demo and Review Videos

Visually bring to life intangible products, services and experiences

Do you have an intangible or online product or service which you struggle to explain or bring to life?

Do your customers struggle to understand the experience or process they can expect, before they buy or work with you?

Do you struggle to produce visual media which accurately and effectively illustrates the benefits and impact of what you do?

If so, a presenter-led product demo and review video can help take away the fear and uncertainty that clients may have before purchasing your product – by walking them through and sharing the process and positive experience of your intangible or online product or service. 

LVB Creative_Demo video of a Product Demo Video!

Who can benefit

Product demo and review videos are perfect for those with educational or knowledge based businesses, or those involving a collaborative action in which the customer is required to engage and contribute as part of the process. 

With a presenter-led video, I , as the presenter, can both explain and walk through the process of your offering. I can also take the role of a customer having experiencing the product or service; enabling the video to illustrate both the practical features of what you do, as well as the personal impact and benefits. 

For those with online and remote products and services, these videos can be produced entirely remotely, with minimum requirements aside from access to the products. 

The Process

1. Product/service reviewed, then script developed and approved

2. Presenter films the process step-by-step, and shares the experience

3. Footage edited into multiple versions for different uses and platforms

Example Videos

Eco-Entrepreneurs Courses & Community
Freelance Career Guides

The Benefits of Product Demo & Review Vides

1. Personal reviews build trust and showcases intangible benefits

2. Remove customers fear or uncertainty of the unknown

3. Visually engaging, without giving away resources or knowledge before purchase 

Expert Experience

Product Demo & Review videos are presented by myself, Liu Batchelor – a professional presenter who’s content has aired on channels including Sky, BBC and Amazon Prime Video. I have also done extensive work with inspirational educational platform – TEDx

Ready to bring the intangible to life?

If you want help your customers and clients better understand your product, process and the impact and benefits they can expect – then please get in touch using either the email or contact form below

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