Marketing & Message

Effective Brief Writing and Preparation

Brief your outsourced creative projects with clarity and confidence, and ensure the effective and correct expression of your marketing message through your commissioned marketing assets.

Core Outcomes

  • Greater confidence and control in setting and measuring clear objectives and outcomes for any project
  • Increased accuracy of proposals and quotes, reducing the risk of wasting time, money and resources due to errors or changing requirements
  • Better communication and relationships with suppliers who  understand your values

Marketing Applications

Procurement and briefing of any external creative marketing providers,  commissioned to produce the following assets:

  • Branding, photography and design
  • Website design and development
  • Video and animation
  • Content creation or social media management
  • Any bespoke or specialist creative work

Delivery Format

  • Consultation meeting with founder and/or responsible manager to define objectives and requirements
  • Write up of  full brief, for review and any amendments
  •  Option of support for distribution and  selection of creative providers

Campaign Message Development and Copywriting

Define and deliver an engaging and consistent campaign message which calls your audience into action, whichever marketing platform they interact with.

Core Outcomes

  • Increased clarity in campaign objectives, strategy and message
  • Greater level of understanding, increasing the ease and confidence of the audience to take action
  • Clear link between company values and campaign message, increasing audience loyalty

Marketing Application

The definition and delivery of a specific message, for use consistently across any/all of the following channels:

  • Campaign briefing and strategy planning
  • Website copy
  • Social media and promotional copy
  • Video or presentation scripts

Delivery Format

  • Consultation and message development sessions (based on the size and scope of the campaign) with the founder and/or responsible manager, to define detailed scope of the campaign objectives and develop a specific message for this project
  • Existing creative provider invited to join session, to better understand requirements of project
  • Audio recording of session, available to distribute to creative providers
  • Write up of  campaign message, for review and any amendments, and for distribution to providers
  • Option of support in distribution and  selection of creative providers
  • Option of ongoing support in maintaining the message across multiple platforms and suppliers


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