Environmental & Social Community Engagement

Exploring green tech communication

How can we find individuals with innovative ideas and help them showcase and inspire change makers with their innovative solutions and ideas which could solve global problems?

How do we powerfully engage the general public with challenging environmental and social messages, without provoking fear, resentment, or apathy?

How do we support and empower communities to play an active part in finding and delivering solutions to the problems which most impact them?

I’m passionate about the communication and psychology of innovation – and how we turn ideas into action and then reality.  There is no greater requirement for innovation and effective communication right now than in the area of climate change. 

Cold Water Swim and Climate Awareness/Pledge Vlog

The exploration journey to date

With a background in design engineering, I’ve always been passionate about creative and innovation process, and what/why/how some ideas become reality. 

In 2017 I founded a TEDx event in my home town – as I was fascinated by the role of communication in the development and realisation of ideas.  As part of this event, which I curated and lead for 5 years – I spearheaded a speaker development program, designed to not only help speakers refine their public speaking skills, but also to help them really hone the idea, its audience, and its full value. 

Inspired by the journeys I’d seen 40+ TEDx speakers go through, I later conducted intimate interviews with many of the speakers – to explore the emotional and mental side which accompanied their pursuit of defining and delivering a significant talk such as a TEDx talk. These interviews formed the basis of the research for a book, currently in continued development, about this more emotional side of innovation and entrepreneurship. 

More recently I have co-founded a new event, The Next Step – which aims are two-fold; to provide a non-judgemental space for those who want to play their part, but who fear they may ‘not know enough’ or ‘not do enough about sustainability’ to learn or get involved – while also allowing individuals and groups with environmental focused community ideas to share, gain feedback and get support to help launch their projects. 

Looking to the future, I am exploring the potential for research and delivery methods to help green-tech and sustainability professionals gain first hand insight and feedback from the public participants, in how to better engage, educate and inspire the wider general public. 

TEDxFolkestone_Speakers Journey Mini Doc
Eco-Entrepreneurs Community & Courses
The Next Step Event_Intro Vlog
Residential Impact Assessment & Award

How is the insight from this research and experience delivered

1. Ongoing research through community events and engagement activities

2. Findings heavily influencing the methods of delivery of LVB Creatives services.

3. Environmentally and socially focused businesses of priority. 

Through my experience and research to date, the key insights I have taken and which I apply through out my LVB Creative work are:

1. The benefit of providing a variety of different opportunities and real-world experience, in order to find the best-fitting solution for any one individual/project/organisation.

2. The need for individuals to actively express their ideas – as through vocalising them can they more efficiently understand its detail, motivation, and value – as well as better understand themselves. 

3. The importance of a safe space for honest feedback, and the value for the speaker not just in the content of this feedback but in considering their reaction to this feedback. 

An ongoing area of exploration 

I welcome both discussions and collaborations to further this area of exploration, as well as to find effective applications and delivery methods for this area of research. 

Please feel free to drop me an email – either using the email or form below

info (at) LVBcreative (dot) com

Also please feel free to connect with me via my social pages – where I regularly post new projects, insights, and areas of exploration