About Liu

About Liu:

My Why, What and How


WHY do I do what I do?

I love the feeling of excitement and inspiration I get when I guide someone to an epiphanic moment; when from uncertainty and struggle they discover clarity, ease and motivation in what to say and the delivery of it.

I hate to see people struggle with motivation and confusion over how to express what they have to say and offer.  This is a feeling I’ve experienced, and I understand the frustration. However, having moved on from this place, I now better understand the value and benefit of what I can offer.

I love helping business leaders and individual traders uncover and share the emotional values behind their work. This enables them to speak with more authenticity and confidence, which facilitates greater understanding, trust, and loyalty for their customers.

WHAT makes me good at what I do?

I have an acute ability to listen for the things that really inspire someone, and through open questioning and reflection I’m able to help them explore and understand what’s most important to them.

I am fascinated by motivation and inspiration, and how it fuels what we all do – and don’t do.

I don’t give advice, or suggest a right and wrong. What I do is create an open space in which people can be authentic about what’s true and inspiring for them.

The process I work through with people reflects how I explored – and continue to explore – my own skills and motivation.  In doing so, I’ve gained greater confidence in what makes me effective, and what I have to offer, which is to help business leaders clarify and communicate their strengths to the world in a way that inspires them and their audience.

HOW do I achieve this?

I provide coaching and consultation for business founders and leaders, helping them turn their marketing into a conversation. This conversation engages their audience with the values, beliefs and the “why” of what they do, in a way that inspires and excites them and is aligned to their strengths.

I do this using the same questions I ask myself: Why? What? And How?

Through individual and small group sessions I use guided questioning, which allows individuals to explore core or specific areas in their business values or communication where they may be unclear, or stuck.  This could be to address a new challenge or campaign, or as part of a more regular programme to gain deeper understanding, sustain motivation, and encourage and support action and accountability.

My “How” and “What” is focused on having conversations with, as opposed to at people.

The best way to understand how I can help you and your business, marketing, and communication is to drop me an email so we can arrange a time to speak directly. You can also read my testimonials or speak to someone who I’ve previously worked with.