Marketing communication that inspires action  

Through communication coaching and marketing message development, I help passionate founders and directors  to fully express their unique vision, value and ideas, in order to grow both their customer and their team engagement.

The value of my coaching and consultation services can be seen in many areas, but specifically I focus on helping business founders gain;

  • Confidence and clarity in expressing their marketing message and business value
  • Empowered communication to inspire others in to action – be they customers or team
  • Clear communication objectives in the engagement and delivery of marketing assets
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Clients & Testimonials

I’m passionate about working with founders with a vision to make a positive impact through their business – both for their customers and their team.  

I can help you go beyond your existing success.  I bring value by helping you see with clarity and confidence your unique message – and then supporting you in communicating those message in a way that creates engagement, motivation, responsibility, and action in others

If you are an individual with a big vision and who seeking opportunities for learning and growth, for yourself and others, then I would love support you in this important journey.


Client Testimonials

Something i find difficult is ‘selling’ myself….I now feel in a comfortable position to promote myself in a way that fits me. G.R. – Personal Trainer

I am clearer about my strengths and feel less vague and daunted by the word ‘marketing.’  I found her course very valuable and great fun  M.D – Coach

It made me think about my business in a way I hadn’t before and gave me clarity on why I am in business… Going forward I think it will make me refine and hone what I want to do and really allow me to focus on what is important, what activity will align with my possibles.  T.W – Website designer

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About Liu

WHY do I do what I do?

I love the feeling of inspiration I feel when I see a positive shift in a small business owner’s perception of their marketing; when they go from a point of uncertainty and frustration  to a point of clarity, ease and motivation around the expression of their message

WHAT makes me good at what I do?

I have an acute awareness and ability to listen for the things that really inspire someone, and through open questioning and reflection I am able to help them explore and understand for themselves, what is most important to them.

HOW do I achieve this?

I provide coaching and consultation for small businesses; helping them turn their marketing into a conversation which engages their audience with mutual values and beliefs, in a way that inspires and excites them and is aligned with their strengths.

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Communication & Coaching

Marketing Message Mastery

Master your elevator pitch and core message, to enable you to speak with a confidence and passion which inspire others in the true value of your offering.

Communication that gets Results

Turn your goal or idea into reality through authentic communication which inspires others into action, in the progress and delivery of any project.

READ MORE about these Communication, Coaching and Confidence services HERE


Marketing & Message 

Effective Brief-writing and Pre-preparation

Brief your outsourced creative projects with clarity and confidence, and ensure the effective and correct expression of your marketing message through your commissioned marketing assets.

Campaign Massage Development and Copywriting

Define and deliver an engaging and consistent campaign message which calls your audience into action, whichever marketing platform they interact with.

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Get in Touch

To book a consultation, or for any questions or enquiries feel free to contact me using the contact form below: