Marketing Club

Marketing Club – Folkestone


Are you a sole trader, small business or freelancer who feels overwhelmed about what to say and do in your marketing?

Do you lack confidence in knowing what to say and how to communicate how you can add value to people’s lives?

Are you frustrated with your lack of consistency and how much you find yourself procrastinating with your social media?

If this is you – then Marketing Club is for you!



I’m Liu Batchelor, I’m a content producer and coach, and chances are you may have seen one of my videos online? May you’ve seen The BIG IDEAS Show, the Creative Quarter’s ‘Confessions of a Serial Creative’ series, TEDxFolkestone, or even 100 Sports in 100 Days?

I’m passionate about helping people producing marketing content which gets attention, sparks conversation, and builds audiences.



Monthly membership of £50 provides you with the following benefits;

In-person group coaching workshops to;

– Identify and clear sources of challenge and frustration

– Gain insight, learning and motivation

– Set goals and actions

Dedicated time and space (with support and advice available) within which to complete individual tasks

Accountability and motivation from group of like-minded individuals

Peer feedback, contribution, and social media endorsement‘ to individual tasks and actions

Networking opportunities with other local individuals and businesses

Earn commission on membership referrals


Marketing Club meets inperson twice a month at the following times

1st Tues of each month – 9.30am – 1.30pm

3rd Tues of each month – 5.30pm – 9.30pm



Video information in the video above

To join, please contact: Liu Batchelor –