Marketing Content Strategy

The Challenge

  • How to get the right message?
  • How to reflect the values and value of the business?
  • Who are the target audience?
  • How do you find and engage them?


Frustration and Procrastination

The Solution

Marketing is not only the tool to share your message, but also to refine it. 

 It’s an opportunity to offer a sample of the value you will provide and create conversation in which you can learn who and how your audience shares these values.


Understanding and Motivation

The Delivery: Strategy which provides an evolving message and method.

Being unclear about your message can be frustrating, and the lack of definitive ‘answer’ can be overwhelming.  

But what if this uncertainty was actually an opportunity?  It can be an opportunity to engage your audience in a genuine conversation; exploring their values, challenges and motivations.

We provide strategies which promote continual learning to developing your message and marketing.  Together we develop plans with an emphasis on what you want to learn about your audience. This insight and learning enables you to continually refine your message accordingly; you learn more and more about who they are and where your values align.

Our strategy services include;

  • In depth consultation; identifying the objectives, challenges, questions and learning needed.
  • Strategy, plans and schedules.
  • Briefing of specific campaign message and content (we can work with your in-house team or provide full service).
  • Ongoing review and refinement based on learning and insights.